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This June would make 4 years of me being divorced. I can honestly say that through the hurt and disappointment of it all I have grown. Unfortunately I  have not used the four years wisely in terms of my heart. To avoid the commitment I’ve allowed situation-ships to be my normal until either I was tired of the person and moved on or I got hurt and had no choice but to move on. Either way it was all bad. and now I’m just… TIRED!

I had a moment where I let my guard down and let someone in and it brought me right back to where I  started, alone. Nothing wrong with being alone, you get to know yourself and familiarize you with you and what you like and don’t like, what you will and wont, and shouldn’t accept. But it sucks to be in a relationship and still be lonely.   I thought I had healed and was ready and he was giving me everything I thought I needed and wanted at the time. ( do you know the enemy knows what we ant as well and he is so slick that he will package it exactly the way that appease to you to through you off and district you ) Everything except for action. I fell for the words and the promises once before and I promised myself I would never do it again but ( le sigh)  I  found myself right where I promised I’d never be. ( insert song : Cycles by Johnathan Reynolds) This time I wanted the outcome to be different.  I communicated my thoughts and issued with the person which was followed by a promise to do better. But better never came.

I was left hurt and heartbroken. Not( solely)  because if his actions or lack there of, but because I didn’t pay attention to the red flags. So the disappointment was on my shoulders and my cross to bear.  In this instance, it was the lack of openness on his end, the lack of inclusion. I can’t speak for all women, but  I like to feel celebrated and appreciated by someone I’m with because after all that’s what I was giving. Not saying he never gave complements but Valentine’s day,  nothing, Mother’s Day, not a single acknowledgment. My birthday, we did absolutely nothing, not even a card. I’m big on cards and that was expressed early on and nada… I’m not one of those mothers’s who introduces everyone she dates to her kids and this is the prime example why.

There is a difference between being alone and lonely. Lonely by definition means sad because no one has friends or company. Alone means having no one else present, on one’s own.  Both by definition do not describe my current physical or mental state, but honestly  that last relationship had me feeling  both. I have learned to accept where I am and to continue to grown through the pain that life throws at me ( or the self inflicted injuries- healing in progress) . The scars are reminders that I went through something and I survived. I try my hardest to keep my feelings under lock and key because, well, my previous relationship is exhibit a, it never turns out the way I hoped or expected. I also keep my feelings at bay because I’ve been programmed to be prepared for the worst when it comes to relationships and when the worst happens, it don’t have far to fall because my expectations weren’t high to begin with.

I am no longer harboring  this type of thinking. It’s not even a good protective mechanism because at some point, a real one will show up and I wouldn’t know it because my guard would be so strong and so impenetrable that I wouldn’t be able to to see him. For now though, I’m good on all things relationship. I got some wounds that need to heal and I heal better in the solitude of my sanctuary which is the presence of God.

I was certain I  asked that the next and last boyfriend go through God to get to me, but I see I need to be more specific.  I pray that he also has his foundation built on the word of God and that God is found in him as well.  Not just on the surface but all up and through his life and is reflected by the way he talks and treats people.

I was asked what I was looking for and told that I was being to picky when it comes to dating. ( insert blank stare) My response is and will always be, “One can never be too picky when it comes to who you trust with your heart and intend to spend the rest of your life with.” No you don’t start talking  or dating someone with the wedding bells in the background. But to avoid wasting your time, you have to have some idea as to whether or not you at least enjoy this persons company and you build from there. But how do you determine this? By going on dates and communicating. The thing about tell people what you are looking for in a mate is those people tend to transform, and mask who they are with who you want them to be. I have no time for imitation boos, or superficial love,  I  want and deserve the real thing. I’ve told God and I trust Him with it all.


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P.S. Sorry for my absence. I have no excuse except, life happens. ( insert shrug) . Can’t say it wont happen again but I’m back now so lets make the best of it. 


Look Deeper


Being raised by a single mother was an adventure in and of itself. Now that I am a single mother, I look at my mother in awe because the strength she had was necessary and played a vital role in my upbringing. I find myself telling her “I’m sorry” more often than not when I see glimpses of me and my rebellion and smart mouth in my kids( I know I know shocker I wasn’t the model daughter lol)

Not many women are intentionally single mothers, and to those who are:


My single parent journey was a hard choice. One that  I don’t regret but was completely unaware of exactly what was in store for me.  I thank God I have a strong support system and my kids father is still in the picture. There are times where I am overwhelmed ( can I be honest), need a break, and want to take the many hats that a single mother wears off. We are the doctor, chef, maid, chauffeur, tutor, coach, inspirational speaker, provider, and protector for our kids.  More often than not we put ourselves last without complaining because we know if we don’t do it, it won’t get done.  Being a mother period is a thankless job but being a single mom adds to that.

This post is dedicate to all the single mothers who are doing their very best to make sure their children have a life they don’t need to heal from when they are adults. I know first hand what you are going through on a day to day basis. And don’t have more than one job and try to have a social life on top of that…

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You are stronger than you look, appreciated more than acknowledged, and needed more than you could ever fathom.  You don’t hear it often so let me be the first to say ( today)

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Single mothers don’t get to take the cape off, we don’t have anyone we can tag in when we are tired, hurt, or not feeling our best. I’m blessed to have family I can call in worst case scenarios, but the majority of the magic that occurs behind the scenes is because God’s grace is covering me and keeps me going.

Sis, I see you and I honor you today and everyday. It is an exclusive club we belong to and I want to make sure you know you are seen and heard (at least by me).  Keep going and when you don’t feel like you can do another thing, handle the arguments between the kids, driving to one more practice, or balancing picking up your kid early with the risk of having to leave work early ( again) even after you have been told no but you do it because you don’t have anyone else you can depend on and are willing to deal with the ramifications of that later because your kid needs you, just dig deeper and you will find the strength you need to make things happened. Praying along the way helps me keep my sanity. And don’t worry, I got you covered as well.

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Just Keep GOING!!!!


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Oh and for the men who date single mothers:


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Just Friends

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Growing up I used to hang around my male cousins a lot. I would study them and learn what not to do in a relationship ( lol). I mentioned before that I have been told I have a nonchalant disposition sometime, I like to give my male cousins credit for this. In studying them, watching how they interacted with the opposite sex I observed how they would be unfazed or lacked empathy when confronted with what would seem like an emotional encounter.  I didn’t intentional take on this trait, but it somehow found its home in me. As I got older I believe I am aware when this temperament is on display and I try to reel it back in before I’m questioned about it.  In spite of popular belief, some men don’t like their women to be nonchalant ( go figure lol)

In college, maybe it started in high school, the term ” Just Friends” or “that’s just my brother” ( or sister) was used if not abused. I learned then that my “brother” wanted to be more than just siblings.(insert blank stare). It’s amusing to me how this term is still used and people are caught off guard when the relationship ends and that “sibling”  is now in the position you once held.  Don’t get me wrong, I know of a few platonic non blood related “brothers” and “sisters” but these combinations are few and far between. And they almost always stay in the friend zone if there has never been any form of physical or romantic attraction. I wouldn’t dare consider someone I’ve dated a brother now, no matter how cool we are or grow to be, something about it seems so incestuous, for lack of a better word.

I’ve dated some guys who had female friends, but they were exes ( insert another blank stare here). I am still friends will a few of my exes but they are in happy healthy relationships and their significant others know about me, we have meet, and had conversations ( I’m the safe ex lol) . The gentlemen that I have dated with whom I didn’t meet their exes who turned into their besties, weren’t around long or we never made it past three months.  In the off chance that we did, I didn’t really trust them because in the back of my mind I felt like they were either waiting for their ex to take them back or waiting for their ex to take them back. ( yes I’m aware, I stated it twice, its for the effect).

I’m going to be your best friend  and the only other person  you need to communication our ups and downs to is Jesus. lol ( but I’m serious) Too many people knowing the good and the bad throughout the course of your relationship is dangerous. Some people don’t know how to let go of the bad or the thing that hurt you that you and your boo have moved on from. Or you overshare when you are hurt and keep the reconciliations to a minimum when communicating with friends and family. And please for the love of honey, don’t let the person you confide in be in the form of an  unrelated  opposite sex, (wheeew chile) You’re just looking for trouble.

The term, ” Just Friends” isn’t lost on me. I have some solid male friends who are just male friends, granted most of them are family, but we are friend nevertheless. If I’m being honest I’d trust an ex ( maybe two) when I’d want to know the true about something that has to do with me ( my attitude towards something or my disposition when it comes to a disagreement- I can be too hard at times- (imagine that))  I know the lines can become blurry but to make it clear, I don’t straddle the fence. if I’m in a relationship, no new (male) friends and I expect the same for my companion. I don’t think that’s asking for too much do you?


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Jeremiah 7:23 …‘Obey me and I will be your God, and you will be my people. Do all that I command, and good things will happen to you.’

1 Samuel 15:22…to obey is better than sacrifice

When was the last time you sacrificed something you really wanted for what you’ve been praying for? I’ve been convicted for asking God for blessings and to answer prayers but not feeling like I have sacrificed enough of my time, attention, and efforts to get in His presence to hear what He wants for /from me.

I was listen to Pastor Michael Todd ( one of my favorite pastors who’s church I need to visit soon) and he drove the power of prayer home for me. He said, ” when we pray we are inviting God onto the situation, but when we carry on and don’t acknowledge Him or seek Him for guidance it’s like we disregard the grace that has covered us this far and we discredit God for every blessings He’s given us to date.

How may of you went to college and instead of going to a few parties you choose to study for an exam? ( let’s not all raise our hands at the same time) Or how many of you have continued your education and had to spend several nights studying for LSATs ( to pass the bar) or MCATs ( the get medical license) and in doing so you sacrifice time with family and friends and missed some monumental moments in your favorite TV series? ( again I’ll wait for you to conjure up the memory of those long nights) My point is we all have have had to sacrifice something to get what we want and or desire. It’s not that different from having and maintaining a prayer life.

( Matthew 6: 5-6 “And when you pray, do not be like the hypocrites, for they love to pray standing in the synagogues and on the street corners to be seen by others. Truly I tell you, they have received their reward in full. But when you pray, go into your room, close the door and pray to your Father, who is unseen. Then your Father, who sees what is done in secret, will reward you.)

Prayer is communion with the Father for yourself and for others. It’s personal and should be sacred as well. It’s not for show and shouldn’t be for public consumption or attention. Praying will keep you close to the one who can and will give you the desires of your heart as long as they align with the will and purpose He has for you. The more time you spend with Him the more your desire will transform from selfish to selfless and line up with His desire for you. Your sacrifice shouldn’t be deemed as a negative thing. There is joy in His presence, there is peace and contentment there too.

The sacrifice you make today to get in His presence, exposing everything ( good bad and ugly) will be well worth it in the end.  The point isn’t just to expose who you really are but to trust Him with it. You may be saying, ” well, He is God so He already knows what I want and need why do I have to keep asking and continue to thank Him for it?” Well, in short, because that is what He requires of us. The bible says,  Matthew 7:7 “Ask, and it shall be given you; seek, and ye shall find; knock, and it shall be opened unto you
 The verse starts out with Ask. Yes He knows all, see all, so He is well aware of what you are going through. But He gave us all freedom of choice. We have to ask for what we want and be specific in the request. It’s like your furnace stops working, and you call the repair man to come and fix it. He is not just going to come into your house without your permission. No, no, no! Yes you’ve told him what the issue was but he cannot get to the problem until you invite him into the situation and allow him fix what’s broken ( ooohhwweee I felt that one)  God knows you through and through.  The things you don’t think anyone knows about, yeah, those things you don’t discuss with anyone and are afraid to say out loud ( 🤭🤫) He already knows and His love and grace still cover you. He doesn’t want to see you suffer any longer. He is waiting on an invitation to come in and help you.

The second part of the verse is seek. You aren’t going to find Him in pouring your heart out to a friend or family member. To get the answers you seek, the deliverance you need and the restoration you so desperately desire you have to seek His face and not His hand. ( enter into His presence with thanksgiving- it’s in the Bible look it up 😬). He is ever present but if you aren’t looking for Him ( with your spiritual eyes) you won’t find Him. ( I’ll give you a moment to let that sink in🤔)

The later clause in the verse is knock and the door will be open to you. The door to your next, the door to the answers you seek, the way out, up or through, is behind the very door you have been terrified to ask for entrance to or intimidated to seek on your own. (Trust me, there is nothing terrifying about God. Yes we are to fear Him but out of respect and reverence not intimidation)

God has already done His part and will continue to do His part with or without your acknowledgment. But what good is it to live without living on purpose? The sacrifice on our part is minor compared to the sacrifice that has already been made for us by Him ( Jesus plus the cross ✝️ – if you have no idea what I am referring to I implore you to go get a Bible because contrary to what some may think it is not a book of fairytale and fantasy but of countless accounts of His everlasting love for us and detailed instruction for us on how to live and what happens when we don’t invite Him in and obey His commandments)

The price you pay for waking up a little earlier to spend time with the one person who will never tell you you have to wait your turn or that He’s too busy to hear what’s on your heart. Yes He already knows, he knows everything but the fact that you take the time to actually want to spend time in His presence and acknowledge Him for the things He’s given you whether you feel deserving of them or not says more about the value you place in maintain a relationship, connection if you will, with Him than the things you are asking or expecting Him to do.

All He wants is to be invited in; to roam and have the liberty to fix whatever He sees as broken and restore your joy and keep your peace in tact. Personally our part in all of this is simple, just extend the invitation already. You’ll thank me later.

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Prepare for the No

(your eyes aren’t playing tricks on you your girl has produced two post in one week)

This may be a little too churchy for some of you so I won’t be offended if you exit now and forgo reading this post.

I applied for a job and I was called in for an interview after I successfully completed an assessment. The interview went great and I was confident that they would choose me, especially after they called my references ( which they advised they would only do for the candidates they were considering for the position after the interview). I had prayed before the interview, ( “Lord, thank you for this opportunity, let Your will be done”) ; during the interview ( in my head- “Lord, please give me the right words to say”); and after the interview, ( Lord, thank you for allowing me to even be in the room, even if the answer is no I’m still going to thank you.”) I felt like I was prepared for what was next either way.

In my waiting my church had a fast and I kept the job before His thrown, always thankful and praying that His will not mine is done. So when the decision was shared with me that I would not be getting this particular position, instead of, initially, thanking Him once again for the opportunity, I felt like someone had punched me in the stomach.

I was so prepared for the yes that I hadn’t really considered the no. I was planning on doing a number of things with the increase the job would provide but that no, man that no stung. The whole thing had made me look at my prayer life a little differently.

I had a conversation with my sister and she had shared that she had to remember that when she prayed she also had to prepare herself for what it was that she was praying for be it favorable or unfavorable to her, she needed to make sure it didn’t change her expectancy when she prayed. That stuck with me and I was reminded of this during this time. I earnestly and sincerely thanked God for the opportunity and asked Him to give me the words to say but when the thoughts that I could possibly be passed up for the position infiltrated my consciousness, fleeting thought but thoughts nevertheless, I didn’t give it any weight and I continued to thank God for my new job. Do you see any thing missing? Yes I was planning for the job I wanted, for the increase I sought but I never consulted with Him prior to preparation. I know God wants what’s best for me and in my mind what was best for me was a new job so I didn’t do the proper ground work. I didn’t ask if that’s what He wanted me to have. When I uttered in my prayer after the interview, ” even if the answer is no, I’m still going to praise You,” I didn’t even consider that “no”being an option.

I was so focused on the yes and thanking God for the job that I neglected to consider this may not be where He wants me right now. I believe even if I had done so, the answer would have still been no and my response was the answer to that test. I bombed! I recovered quickly but I failed the test nevertheless. When God doesn’t do things in a manner that is satisfactory or timely for us we tend to think it’s something we did wrong or we are being punished for a sin we failed to repent of. This is not always the case. In some cases, it’s the testing of your faith. It gets you closer to what your desire. Your prayers align you with His purpose for your life and we have to remember to focus on His pull and not the pull of our own desires. God will not withhold any good thing from you ( me) and that alone gave me peace.

We also have to be in position to receive what we are praying for. I thought I was ready but there is still more things I need to get in my current position and I see that now.

I understand that elevation doesn’t come without sacrifice ( there’s that word again- see previous post) and I haven’t been doing much of that as of late. To be honest I’ve just been too tired. Work, my kids, my family, and church I haven’t had time to commit to spending with Him as I should. Correction, I haven’t made the time, as I should. I haven’t scarified a few minutes of sleep to be in His presence like I should. I haven’t asked Him what He wants me to do right now. With everything so solum around me last month ( a lot of my friends and family are experiencing things that I wouldn’t wish on anyone) the urgency in my prayers decreased which is the complete opposite of what should be happening right now. If anything I need to be prostrate before Him all the more.

Realizing this has set some things in motion. I’m still at a job I love but, I work in a less than desirable environment. In spite of this, I have so many things to be grateful for. No I didn’t get the job that I though would change things, I still worship a God who can and will change EVERYTHING, in His time and when He says I’m ready.

You don’t go in for a test without the necessary preparation. My studying tools happen to be the Bible and I am determined to stay the course no matter. I will pass the next test, on this I am certain. I’m not too keen on repeating cycles and situations that I should have learned from the first time, ( No Sir no Ma’am).  The first step is being honest and admitting that I still have so much to learn and growing to do. Confession is good for the soul and that part of my journey is long over due and it will remain between my God and myself.  There is too much at stake to be distracted right now. I have to get out of my own way and that’s just what I plan to do. I will be prepared for the outcome of my prayers even if the answer is wait or in my case, no.

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Inside Job

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Often time, when we get in relationships, no matter our disposition before, we relinquish the responsibility of happiness to the person we are with. Not only is this unhealthy, but it is dangerous.  It’s unhealthy because your happiness shouldn’t be based on the way someone treats you or what they give you. It should be based on how you treat yourself and what you’ve accomplished. How you feel about yourself shows (whether you realize it or not)  by the things you say about yourself, how you carry yourself, and who and what you allow to get close to you. The person you are with should absolutely add to your happiness but the root of it should always start with you. Its dangerous because you are putting unrealistic expectations on your mate to provide something for you that you should already be in constant practice of doing, being and thinking.

Expectations can sometimes ruin something so quickly, its doesn’t have time to grow. When we haven’t found the source of our happiness, haven’t become familiar with  what it looks like, feels like to be 100 present authentically happy with who we are alone, we will never be able to maintain a healthy relationship with anyone else.   That is why it is so important to do the work before you commit to being with someone. That’s not to say there won’t be more work to do once you are in a relationship, because there absolutely will be. But making sure your heart is ready and receptive for what you’ve been praying for is definitely a must.   There are levels to commitment and you have to know that you are ready before entertaining the though of it.

There is nothing wrong with having realistic expectations. You know how you want to be treated in a relationship, there is nothing wrong with expecting someone to treat you that way you want to be treated. Let me clarify; Respect is a must for me, consistency for sure, quality time, definitely. If you are entertaining a relationship with someone , I think its important to let them know what you expect to received and plan on giving. These kinds of expectations are cool. But if you all about the flash, flesh, and only want someone to be around when it’s convenient for you, well I guess make that known as well, but only if you want to end up saying goodbye to someone who may have actually wanted substance instead of what’s on the surface.  Don’t get me wrong, there are people who actually just want to hang out and have a good time. Nothing wrong with that if that’s what you want. It just so happens that I  am not one of those people.

I’m all about enjoying life and having a good time. But what happens when you have a bad day, or aren’t in the mood to talk? I have a few friends with whom I can sit in a room and we don’t have to say a word to each other and everything is perfectly fine. I’m not about filling silence with mindless chatter, not often anyway. It takes times to get to know a person on the level where what is understood doesn’t need to be explained. Don’t expect the person with whom you just started talking to, to be fine with attitudes, opinions and characteristics it took years to interpret and adjust to in your long standing friendships.   My point is, learn what makes you happy before that wonderful man or woman comes into the picture. Do things that are challenging, that help you grow, and allow you to consistently push yourself to be better than you were yesterday. And once that person does enter the picture, they will find you whole and completely happy with who you are. I pray they add value to your life and solidity to you purpose.

This blog right here was definitely for me. I was today years old when I realized that I had been sabotaging relationships based on my expectations, my unrealistic expectations. Happiness is an inside job.  My happiness is not based on what a man can do or say to or about me but on what my Father ( in heaven) has already said about me. Romans 8:37…we are more than conquerors through him that loves us. Psalms 39:14  “I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made. ” Ephesians 2:10 “For we are God’s handiwork…” ( I could go on and on but I hope you get the gist ). 

Let’s be clear, happiness doesn’t look the same to everyone. It also doesn’t look the same on everyone.  Happiness should not come at the expense of someone else’s hurt or harm.  Sometimes we allow rose colored glasses to obstruct our view of true happiness. But once we know what stood in our way, what hindrance we have/had, it is our job to do the work to repair what we broke. We have to look deeper than the surface, at our own hearts, our own needs, and desires and make them a priority before we can consciously bring someone else into a situation that is not stable enough to withstand the temperament of your singleness.

Set your expectations to “real” be clear and unapologetically honest with yourself and God;  add some prayer behind it, sprinkle a little faith in the mix and watch out: Happiness will be yours for the taking;  to bask in, enjoy, to grow in, to be.

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Losing Weight

Strong people tend to carry burdens that are not their own. They carry the weight of those who seek refuge and release. Being labeled a strong person is a gift and a curse.

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The gift is being able to relieve those we care about of problems, issues, and dilemmas that they aren’t strong enough to carry themselves. To be the one they can and will unload on and leave your presence feeling lighter all the while you are left with more weight after the conversation / experience than before. The gift is being there for someone, without expecting compensation, in any form, for your time, attention, and encouragement.  The gift is seeing the pressure subside as they give you the load that was too hard for them.

Never forget to keep the people who you trust with your worries and concerns covered in prayer. The strong ones don’t always communicate when something is wrong, we tend to suffer in silence ( don’t judge me lol). Personally, its because I don’t want to burden anyone else with my issues. But I’m always ready and available to receive others. ( go figure)  I’ve had people, important people ( to me) , get on me about going through things alone. I don’t always share the struggles until the storm has past. Why? Because some of the things I go through, I’m supposed to go through alone. I haven’t quite mastered when I should or shouldn’t open my mouth, but I think I’ve gotten better over the years ( patting myself on the back :-))

The curse is being the one everyone sees as the ” strong friend,” the ” strong relative,” and having a moment where you need someone to be strong for you. Not because you don’t like being the one people go to for help but because you rarely let people see you being vulnerable, helpless, or in need of , well anything. You are expected to have stronger shoulders, a solid back, and tougher skin than those who trust you and seek solace in communicating their angst to you, you don’t want to taint their perception of you by revealing your own scars. ( I have learned that there is so much healing in revelations ~ but I digress 😏) The question remains, who is your strong person, who’s shoulder can you cry on when the weight is overwhelming and sometimes unbearable? A lot of people don’t have that “person” they can go to when things get tough or they need a good cry or just want someone to listen. ( I’m blessed to have a few people that can hear my cries through the silence or see my pain when I smile~I love y’all 😘😘😘)

This saying says it all. He will never give you more than you can bear. Psalms 61 (the entire chapter) is a great reference as well as Psalms 55:22 “Cast your burdens on the Lord and He will sustain you; He will never permit the righteous to be moved.” 1 Peter 5:7 and I could go on and on. I can admit that I don’t always rely on what I have been taught or refer to the Bible when I’m feeling heavy.  More often than not I withdraw and try to figure it out on my own before I am reminded of what a great God I serve and how all He wants is to relieve me of these burden, mine, and the ones that have been left in my care.

My pastor just preached a message that ironically coincides with the blog topic, it was entitled, ” Baggage Handler” and baby when I tell you that man of God preached his face off, ( not literally of course, but I could have thrown my shoe at him but I lifted my hands instead 🙌🏾). The meat and potatoes of it all was when he said we don’t release the baggage of the things we have gone through and this cause us to bring those issue, ( baggage=weight) with us into our next relationship, job, house etc. We are not light enough to move with the  swiftness that is necessary or with the grace that is called for to get to the promise we have been waiting for. The weight of it all cause us to drag and miss the open door that God has opened for us based on our prayers and His will.

Loss the weight of everything that is preventing you for moving forward. The weigh of low self esteem, the weight of doubt, the weight of failure; LOSS THE WEIGHT. Don’t allow it to continue to prevent you for reaching your full potential in life. Give it to God, give it all to God and He will surely lighten your load. You will in turn be free to be you and enjoy the fullness that comes with living on purpose and in your purpose. In the same vain, the stronger you are the more you will have on your plate. Remember it is what we go through, what we endure, that builds our strength.  I hope I never complain about the weight I’ve gained due to the things that I have gone through.( I’m sure I have though😒)  I know for a fact it could have been worst. I give thanks because I made it out to talk about it, and allowed the baggage handler to lighten my load.

Next time your load gets a little too heavy instead of turning to your loved one first, go to God, or even ask your friend or loved one to go to God with you. ( there is strength in numbers, for sure). Talking things over with someone is therapeutic.  And being able to confide in someone is indeed a blessing. The Bible says, ( Matthew 18:20) when two or more are gathered in His name, there He is in the midst of them. And trust me, you want Him in the midst of whatever is weighing you down. When He shows up, things will absolutely change.  The question is will you be light enough to move towards the promise, or too heavy to where you can’t be moved at all?


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Since we are talking about losing weight I thought I plug my business and make my own add: Yes, this me. These are real unedited before and after pictures. It works has been good to me! ( pictures don’t lie!)


Click the link!! Great items await you on the other side ☺️

Feel free to message me or comment if you’d like more information about my weight lost journey.