You vs. You

Its amazing what some concealer and lashes can do for you. lol I felt like Cinderella in the first picture. All dressed up and somewhere to go. I don’t think I’ve worn this much make in over 10 years. I don’t wear make often partially because I don’t know how to apply it properly. (Without lashes I look like a little Asian boy. lol) but mostly because I don’t have time to do a complete face. Yes, I’m sure there are a number of you tube gurus ( most of which I already follow ) who can show me but with my full time job, kids, church, and everything in between, I don’t have the time.

It is with great humility that I say this: I don’t always say the right things, make the right choices or respond correctly when offended or hurt. As always I try to be as transparent as I possibly can. So here goes another revelation: I’m am a work in progress. But we all are. Being that I’m constantly growing, changing, and evolving,  I never have to worry about being judged by God for my shortcomings or set backs; my failures and wrong choices, He already knew about. If I carried myself in a way that makes it seems like I have it altogether, I apologize for that. I’m a student of life and I get knocked down more than I’d like to admit. I’m not sharing all of this for sympathy or attention. I’m sharing this because it’s real and not having everything figured out is more common than people like to admit. and guess what:

Image result for its ok

You have to learn to be okay with you; flaws and all you still have a purpose. Your testimony is building as should your faith. Figure out what works for you and what doesn’t. What works, do more of that. Your only competition should always be yourself. My goal is to be better than I was yesterday, everyday. With the beatings in life that I’ve succumb to, (people counted me out. I’ve even counted myself out a time or two) I’ve learn to take a minute or several to regain my composure and keep going. It wont get done unless i do it. My goals, accomplishments, they need me, my family needs me, but most of all I need me. I am my biggest cheerleader. I’m not only rooting for myself but you as well. Its okay to be vulnerable. Its not easy but letting your guard down and owning your mistakes will help you be better equipped at recovering from setbacks and disappointments. Take today’s lessons, the good and bad, apply them where needed and keep it pushing.

The picture on the left, she is alright, but my fav is the one on the left. I show up as her more often than not, I’m comfortable baring my truth as blemished and scared as it is. She is adorned in my sincerity and she keeps me humble.

Until Next Time,


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